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5v5 "Silent Sunday" Tournament

Tournament Details

Vikings is proud to announce we will be holding a 5v5 tournament on February 17th, hosted by Director of Coaching Tommy Alioto. Tommy has requested any parents and coaches attending to remain silent during these games. This "Silent Sunday" will allow players to coach themselves and communicate freely to take ownership of the game.

  • Teams will be 7-9 players.
  • Age groups are from Kindergarten to 8th grade.
  • You may sign up as a whole team ($195) or as an individual player looking for a team ($25). If there aren't any available spaces on a team, individual players will be refunded.
  • Deadline to register: February 10th, $220 late team registration fee.
  • Players may need to signe a tournament waiver. No Cards needed, just need rosters with birthdates and waivers.
  • You can expect your team to play three short games during your time slot. 
  • Games will be roughly 25 minutes with a running clock, no stoppage time, and no halftimes. 

Brackets and times

Age groups will have seperate boys and girls brackets. (Adjacent age groups may be combined if necessary for numbers.)

Kindergarten through 4th grade, 9:30 to 12:30

5th grade through 8th grade, 12:30 to 3:30

Click Here to Register a Team!

If you have a team, or almost a team, register here! We can help fill out rosters with players who sign up as individuals.

Click Here to Register an Individual Player!

We will do our best to put your player on a team. If no team is found you will be refunded the $25 deposit.

What is a "Silent Sunday"?

"Silent Sunday" means no sideline chatter or yelling!

All parents and spectators are asked to remain quiet during the games to ensure players can fully communicate and take control of the game themselves.

Repeated violations may end up in a free kick for the opposing team!!

Tournament Rules

Games will be played with each team using five players including one goalie. A regular soccer ball will be used with regular size nets but on a smaller field than regular outdoor soccer.

There will be no throw-ins, only kick-ins. In the case of a goal kick, the goalie will restart play with the ball in their hands. 

There will be "open subsitutions", which means the game will not stop for substitutes. Instead, the active player must run off the field before the substitute enters. Substitutes must always enter at the half-way line.

Teams will earn points with each win (3 points) and tie (1 point). in the case of a tie of points at the end of all games, teams will compare goal differentials, and then total goals scored to decide a winner.

Fairmont field in Pacifica

Fairmont Field, 290 Edgewood Dr, Pacifica


Our access to this field depends on  your cooperation with us to help maintain the integrity of the field. Therefore, we ask everyone attending to observe the field's rule of not allowing food or pets on the field. Violators will be asked to leave the field immediately. We thank you for your cooperation!