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What is the Vikings Way?

"The Vikings Way" is our belief in providing the best developmental environment for a member no matter what stage or level they are at in the game. 

The Vikings Culture

Vikings has a wonderful history of development and prioritizing the right values in member development. The Vikings Club is built on prioritizing the members' education and enjoyment before all else and has a history of success in doing that. We want to continue to build on that culture and be the place to play if you love soccer, want to be part of a family that cares about you with proper values and want to improve on and off the soccer field. Quite simply that means we will treat members with respect as if they were our own family. That’s why you will see expectations that we would have for our own families  that represent our culture and we hope to represent those values in the behavior of the staff and our members. Our goal is to ingrain those values in our staff and players as “The Vikings Way.”

The Vikings Approach

We believe and require that every member has the will to put in their best effort no matter what the obstacle, adversity or environment. This creates the best learning atmosphere and will serve our members well beyond the soccer field. There are times when that is not always the easiest road, but in my experience that is the most successful road long-term. Success is measured in different ways, but at Vikings we measure it in terms of growth as a person and as a soccer player. These lessons teach our members technical improvement under pressure, leadership to overcome adversity, enjoyment of difficult circumstances or competition, a never-quit attitude, and love of the beautiful game of soccer no matter what the challenge. We also know that, while not the fastest path to success, by following this approach the member will gain the most long-term benefits.

"The Vikings Way" is created by improved education of our coaches leading to the best positive learning environment for our members. The goal of “The Vikings Way” is to provide the best coaches at all levels. This means our best coaches aren’t with only our most accomplished teams, but also with our most impressionable youth or in the most challenging environments. This means a program where we expect our coaches to have a coaching license, to seek out clinics and educational opportunities to improve themselves, and know the club will support them in these efforts in order to enhance our member’s soccer experience

Because we pride ourselves on being teachers, “The Vikings Way” is to follow an age-appropriate curriculum that adheres to the physical, technical, emotional and psychological development of our members within the pillars of the game.

It is "The Vikings Way" to have a proper ratio of training to games. We feel players play too many games in today’s clubs and this could lead to many negative effects. “The Vikings Way” is about balance. It’s not about just going to as many big tournaments as you can for exposure or other false expectations.

Philosophically, “The Vikings Way” is about not feeling the pressure to choose your sport but to choose your own pace and enjoy the competition and the comradery of being on a team. We expect commitment when you are involved at our events and trainings, but we do not adhere to the theory that a child must specialize early or that there is only one pathway to a higher level like a college or high school team. We are a rare club of diversity and inclusion and we believe nobody can pick kids out at 8 or 9 or even 13 and tell you where they will be when they are 16 or 18. We try to help them grow at their own rate, using our expertise and guidance to place them in the best situation. There is no data that proves specializing in a sport as a young child increases your chance of “making it.” In fact, many of the best athletes played other sports as kids and at many different levels.

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