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Muhammet Merdanov

Muhammetberdi Merdanov

License: CYSA "D"

Teams for 2018/19:
SFVSC B09 White Lightning
SFVSC B09 Black Diamond

College Team: Holy Names University [2013-2017] NCAA DII Pac West Conference 

Club Team: De Anza Force Academy [2011-2012] 

Member of National Youth Team of Turkmenistan [2008-2010] 

 Ashgabat Professional Soccer Club-1 Year [2010] 

 High School Number 64-2 Years [2008-2010] Olympian Sport School-3 Years [2005-2008] 

 Yashlyk Youth Club-5 Years, starting at age 6 [2000-2005]

Team/Group Awards: Champion in State Championship (California North, 2012) 

 Finalist in State Championship (California North, 2011) 

 Ashgabat Inner-City Championship Tournament (Gold Medal)

 Bahrain-Turkmenistan Friendship Cup Winner [May, 2009] 

 High School league champions [October, 2009] 

Major Tournaments: CYSA State Cup NorCal State Cup Las Vegas WCDA Thanksgiving Tournament

Ashgabat Premier League 1