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Vikings Team Strength Color-Level Breakdown

Red is the highest level ,which means the team is the best of its age group category. 

White is the second best team of its age group category.

Pink or Crimson is the third best team of its age group category.

Black is the fourth best team of its age group category.

Grey or Ivory the fifth best team of its age group category.

SFVSC Spring 2020 Coaching Assignments for Boys Teams

Boys Teams Level Fall 2019 Coach
SFVSC PK Peters Place Nursery Microsoccer Ernesto Chavarro
SFVSC PK Krakens Microsoccer Mauro
SFVSC K Griffins Microsoccer Mauro
SFVSC 1st Grade CAIS Blue Firedragons Microsoccer Patrick
SFVSC 1st Grade CIS Phoenix Microsoccer Majdi
SFVSC 1st Grade FAIS Blue Angels Microsoccer Nathan
SFVSC 1st Grade Werewolves Microsoccer Kamel Sebbak
SFVSC 2nd Grade McKinley Meteorites Recreational Ernesto Chavarro
SFVSC 2nd Grade Wolves Recreational Barbara Moulton
SFVSC 2nd Grade Sherman Sharks Recreational Willy V.
SFVSC 2nd Grade PKS Pandas Recreational Majdi
SFVSC B11 Red Norcal travel Toby Rappolt
SFVSC B11 White CCSL Prep Jose Flores
SFVSC B10 Red Norcal travel Brian Rhodes
SFVCS B10 White CCSL Prep Kamel Sebbak
SFVSC 3rd Grade Crimson SFYS Recreational Kyle Medina
SFVSC B09 Red Norcal travel Mo Merdanov
SFVSC B09 White CCSL Prep Achraf Senhaj
SFVSC B08 White CCSL Prep Forrest Cadam
SFVSC B08 Black CCSL Prep Ryan Dickson
SFVSC 6th Grade Valencia Recreational Sirch Chanthyasack
SFVSC B07 Red Norcal travel Forrest Cadam
SFVSC B06 Hammer Red Norcal travel+ NorCal Cup Joey Almeida
SFVSC B06 Hammer White CCSL Prep Arturo Tafolla
SFVSC B06 Black Panthers CCSL Prep Chris
SFVSC B05 Red Norcal Travel Joey Almeida
SFVSC 8th Grade Samba SFYS Recreational Fernando Picazo
SFVSC B03/04 Marauders Red Norcal travel Danny Cardoza

SFVSC 2019-20 Coaching Assignments for Girls Teams

Girls Teams level Fall 2019 Coach
SFVSC Kindergarten Hamlin Tigers Microsoccer Achraf Senhaj
SFVSC 1st Grade Ulloa Sharks Microsoccer Natalie + Judy
SFVSC G11 Red Norcal Travel Barbara Moulton
SFVSC G11 White Topaz CCSL Prep Nicole Chin
SFVSC 2nd Grade Valkyries SFYS Recreational Sirch Chanthyasack
SFVSC G10 Red Norcal Travel + Norcal Cup Jim Broshar
SFVSC G10 White Courage CCSL Prep Barbara Moulton
SFVSC 3rd Grade Fiery Meteorites SFYS Recreational Ernesto Chavarro
SFVSC 3rd Grade Burkes Tsunamis SFYS Recreational Olivia
SFVSC G09 Red Norcal Travel+ Norcal Cup Bucky Boyd
SFVSC 4th Grade Blue Unicorns SFYS Recreational Joe Luppino
SFVSC G08 Red COMP 1 (Travel) + Norcal Cup Libby Rappolt
SFVSC G08 Falcons Norcal Travel Casey
SFVSC G08 White CCSL Prep Joe Luppino
SFVSC G07 White Pearl CCSL Prep Fernando Picazo
SFVSC G06 Valkyries Red Norcal Travel Libby Rappolt
SFVSC G05/04 Ravens Red Norcal Travel Libby Rappolt
SFVSC G05 White Tiger CCSL Prep Bucky Boyd
SFVSC G02/03 Athena Red Norcal Travel Chellee Parker
Athena Red G03