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Microsoccer Paid Coaching

Paid Microsoccer Coaching

SFVSC will have a new spring season where you can sign up for professional coaching . The Vikings will provide a trained and licensed coach for a team, and that coach will provide eight 1 hour training sessions once a week for a total of eight weeks. The coach will also guide the team for the Saturday games. The cost per player is about $325 since the team fee is $3250, so if you have more than 10 players, your costs would be less. Each team will be scheduled for 6 league games, and 8 Practices and will receive medals.

The practice field will be determined by SF Rec & Park, but the team is able to request preferences.

We guarantee quality training from our coaches and they specialize in helping kids improve their skills individually. We will show kids how to play together as a team. Please sign up on the link below and let us show you how much we love the game and most importantly help your kids improve their skills on the pitch.