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Spring 2020 Announcement

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Microsoccer season has been suspended until further notice. Teams have the following options:

Receive a 25% rebate—You will remain part of our microsoccer family and stay connected with the league. Please choose "rebate" on the link below. If you choose this option the rebate will be refunded to the team manager or representative. 

Donate your 25% rebate—When you donate your 25% rebate to the Microsoccer Scholarship Fund, you play an important role in supporting our league in these delicate times. The Microsoccer Scholarship Fund helps us subsidize registration fees for low income teams in the league and run free programs such as school pickup and the Dutch Series. It also impacts our ability to support those that are in need of further financial aid at this time. We are grateful that you will be supporting our league in this big way!

If you elect this option, we want to give you special thanks and the portion of your fees that were eligible for rebate will be counted as a charitable contribution. Please choose "donation" on the link below and we will send you a letter for your tax deduction in the amount of your 25% rebate amount.  

Here is the link to the form. We request that you complete the document by April 30th. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be back soon. Everyone at Vikings is wishing for nothing but the health and safety for you and your loved ones. We will get through this.

Microsoccer Fees

Microsoccer is a team fee. The regular fee is $580 per team, which with a 10 player roster means $58 per player. If the team is from a low income school , then they can pay the scholarship rate of $290 per team. If a player cannot afford their share of the $290 rate of $29 per player, then please contact the office for an individual scholarship.

Click here for player registration instructions if you already have a team!

Fall 2020 Registration

Fall 2020 Registration for teams and players will open on June 7th and close on July 1st. Teams will receive a 100% refund if the season is cancelled.

The Fall 2020 Season game dates will be:

  1. September 19th
  2. September 26th
  3. October 3rd
  4. October 17th
  5. October 24th
  6. October 31st

Spring 2020 Team Information

Click here for the 2020 Spring Information!

SF Rec & Park Rainout field status

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Individual players looking for a team

Independent Teams Looking For Players

If your team is in need of players, please fill out the form linked below. After filling out the form, your team will  gain access to the free agent list and be placed on a list as well.

Vikings Coaching Options for Teams

Vikings Microsoccer Options

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Off-Season Tournaments

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