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Player Requirements

Microsoccer Players are expected to upload the following 2 requirements in order to play:


  • Player photo (either scanned or cell-phone picture)
  • Birth document (either a passport or a birth certificate)


Players will also need to register onto their team by following the instructions below. Please do not register unless you have been invited to a team.


1.  Go to:

2.  Click registration in the top right corner

3.  Select "2019-2020 principal season"

4. Check the box for "Player Registration"

5A.  Enter your login info if you have it (Some families will already have an Affinity account from an older child). Click "Create New Account" if you have not created an Affinity account

5B.  If you're creating a new account – Make sure to fill out any requested info (including the email address and phone number of which we can best reach you), click "Save and Continue" 

6.  Click "Add New Player." Fill in info, and click "Add"

7.  Click the green "Continue" button

8.  In the grid with your player's name, click the "Register as Player" button

9.  Ask your coach or manager for your team assignment code

10. Upload birth document (passport or birth certificate) by clicking next to the red "Required: 'Birth Cert.'"

11. Make sure to fill out the "Doctor to Notify in Emergency" and "Person to Notify in Emergency," as well as their "Telephone" fields.

12. Check the boxes confirming that coaches will be background checked, as well as the Medical and Liability release

13. Concussion information for athletes and parents can be found in the confirmation page at the end.

14. You will NOT pay a registration fee. Just click the green "No Payment due, Continue" button