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Manager Requirements

Microsoccer managers are expected to complete the following 5 requirements in the order below:


Step 1:​ Complete the CDC Concussion Certification

  • Go to:
  • Click on the online training course button to begin your training. After successfully completing the on-line training, you will be offered an opportunity to print out a personalized "certificate of completion”.​​ Coaches, a copy of this certificate should be uploaded to your affinity profile during registration.

* Team Managers and Coaches must complete the training annually.


Step 2: Complete the Safe Sport certification

* To take the certification for free, choose the organization U.S. Soccer and enter code (YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M). The courses (3) will take about 90 minutes. Once finished, you can download your certificate from the site's dashboard. Upload certificate of completion when you register in Affinity (step 4).


Step 3: Register in Affinity

  • Go to:

  • Click “registration” in the top right corner

  • select “2019-20 Principal Season” and choose coach/admin registration

  • Enter your login info if you have it. Click "Create New Account" if you have not created an Affinity account

  • If you're creating a new account - Fill out any requested info, click "Save and Continue" 

  • Click the green "Continue" button

  • In the grid with your name, click the "Register as Coach/Admin" button

  • Enter your team assignment code

  • Fill out your information

  • Check the boxes confirming that coaches will be background checked, as well as the Medical and Liability release

  • Concussion information for athletes and parents can be found in the confirmation page at the end.

  • You will NOT pay a registration fee. Just click the green "No Payment due, Continue" button


Step 4: Register in Bonzi Stack Sports


Step 5: Get Livescanned

Every coach and manager on the team will need to get a background check. Vikings will pay for your background check provided you use the livescan form provided below and take it to an approved Capital Livescan vendor. You can find the livescan form by clicking here. You can find the list of Capital Livescan vendors by clicking here. You can also choose to get livescanned with a different vendor at your own expense. If you have already been livescanned for microsoccer or SF Youth Soccer then you do not have to repeat this step.

Once you have completed your livescan please email a copy of your completed form to with your name and "Livescan" in the subject line. You can also choose to mail it to:

San Francisco Vikings Soccer Club

1434 Taraval St.

San Francisco, CA 94116


* Please keep a copy of your completed LiveScan saved to your computer