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Winter Futsal

2018-2019 Winter Season Information

Winter Futsal practices begin the week after Thanksgiving. Practices usually take place on outside courts, rain or shine.

The season starts the first Sunday in January and ends in March. Games will be held in indoor gyms. You may expect to have 3 or 4 weekends without games. Two of those weekends without games will be the weekends of 1/20 and 2/17.

Keep in mind that the last two weeks of Winter Futsal overlap with the first two weeks of the spring season, so some teams might end up with two games those two weekends.

For further information on the Winter Futsal League, also known as the SFRPD Jose Coronado Indoor Soccer League, please refer to this link to SF Parks and Rec's page:

Futsal Schedules:

Click For Futsal Schedules

To find your team, click the tab that says "All Teams" and enter your team name.

Practice-Only Opportunity

Due to the low-cost of Futsal for our continuinig members compared to the Fall and Spring seasons, Vikings Soccer Club will allow players returning in the Spring to signup for the option to attend practices for the entire Winter season.

Simply put, it just didn't make sense to charge the regular $15 per practice for our dedicated players who just might be busy with other sports/experiences during the winter weekends.

You may sign up for this practice-only opportunity by clicking this red text here.

Click Here For Practice-Only Signups!

What is Futsal?

Futsal is an international sensation quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Basically, Futsal is a small-sided game of soccer ( 4 field players and a goalkeeper) that is focused around ball skills. The nature of the game encourages players to develop passing combinations and ball handling skills that will transfer over to the larger field.

Games are indoors on smaller fields (about the size of a basketball court), using the boundary lines of the basketball court, and teams play with kick-ins as opposed the throw-ins. There are two 20 min halves for all age groups.

Registration Process Winter 2018- 2019

Welcome to the SFVSC registration page for Winter Futsal 2018- 2019. Please note: this is only for players that did NOT play with Vikings Club in Fall 2018. If you are already with Vikings Club, you do NOT have to re-register for Futsal.

There are two different situations you might be in:

1) You are a current Vikings player

You will pay your deposit on the payment link, or submit a check .

Here is the link to register and pay with Vikings:

2) You are a new player that has never played with Vikings

Examples include a CYO player or someone who did not play fall soccer in SF Youth Soccer. In this case, there are several documents that need to be completed in order to register your child for soccer and receive the player pass card for the games. Please follow all instructions carefully in order to avoid registration delays.

Step 1: Register and pay with the Vikings here:

Step 2: Register/create an account for your player on Affinity here:

Step 3: Submit a photo for your player. The photo should be as close to a passport-style photo as possible, a head shot with no hats or sunglasses. Email photo to or upload to your player's profile on Affinity.

Step 4: Submit a birth document for your player. This birth document can be either a passport or a birth certificate. To submit, you can either scan the document or take a picture with your cell phone, as long as it is clear. Email birth document to or upload to your player's profile on Affinity.

You can also mail or drop off all paperwork to:

San Francisco Vikings Soccer Club
1434 Taraval St.

San Francisco, CA 94116

If you have questions, please contact the club registrar, Jose Luis Flores-Lopez, at or (415) 753-3111.