Boys Pre-Academy

Training for boys covers birth years 2011-2001. The training is age appropriate . The boys who are born 2011 are playing microsoccer. The boys who are birth year 2010 can be either microsoccer, recreational 2nd grade level,  or play up with the 2009 competitive if that is a good fit. The training will focus on technical and tactical , preparing boys to enter the US Development Academy San Francisco chapter, run by SF Elite and Eddie Soto.

The teams train 2-3 times a week, depending on competitive level, and compete not only in CCSL Prep, but dual play in Norcal Cup, is also offered. The players who do not enter the US Development Academy at 2007/2006 age, can stay with a Vikings team and continue to improve.

Male Staff Coaches

SF Vikings has male staff coaches that have played college soccer at division 1 level , U20 National team, and MLS.

All coaches are committed to helping children achieve their highest potential.


Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training is available at no extra charge, 5 days a week at various practice sites. 

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